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Car Driving Lessons

Learning to drive is an important decision. It is important to learn safe driving from the very beginning. It is unlikely that anyone other than a DSA approved or licensed instructor would have the knowledge or ability to develop you into a safe driver. Only at SDT will you be given the choice of hand picked instructors recruited for their experience, qualifications, professional conduct and of course results. We come highly reccomended being renowned for our reputation and reliability.


It is important to choose a car that is suited for your individual requirements. You should consider size and vision taking into account the car you might practise in or drive after you have passed.

Only at SDT is there a choice of manual & automatic cars, all fully insured, fitted with dual controls and air conditioning, for your safety and comfort. At present we use the Toyota Yaris. For more info on the car click here.

You will need to study for your theory test. Our instructors will help you study whilst you learn and demonstrate how you should put your theory into practise. Every assistance will be given.

The cost of learning to drive, is of course, a major consideration although it has to be said that you cannot put a price on Road Safety.


The amount of lessons you need will depend on your ability, experience, frequency of lessons and private practise.


Our fees are realistic and reflect our major aim which is to make you a safe driver, but not regardless of cost.


Only at SDT do we pledge not to sell you lessons that you don‚t need. We advise that you steer clear of 'cheap' instructors.  "If you pay peanuts you get monkeys."

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